Reutech Solutions provides Maritime installation, maintenance and support solutions.

Focus on the installation, integration, maintenance and repair of Gun and Drive Control, Communication Systems, Trackers, Remote Weapons Station Support as well as Rigging Support, through one centre of excellence that offers support from operational to depot maintenance levels.

The following services are provided:

Communication System Support


  • Internal Communication System Support
  • Telephone systems
  • Main broadcast equipment
  • External Communication System Support
  • Communication Support at Out Bases
  • Refurbishment and Installation of High Sites

Trackers Support


  • Maintenance and Support facilities for the Optical Radar Tracker (ORT) and Electro Optical Tracker (EOT):
    • Test of Equipment
    • Refurbishment of LRU s
    • Repair of Units
    • Setting to Work
    • Sea Acceptance Trails
  • Training of Operators and Maintainers
  • Quality Assurance Tasks Aboard Ships

Rigging Support


  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Manufacturing of Cargo nets, Wire Slings, Ropes and Safety Lines
  • Construction rigging for lifting and moving of machinery
  • Survey of Rigging Equipment
  • Survey of high sites
  • Repair of antennas
  • Repair of mast stays

Remote Weapons Station Support


  • Maintenance, Installation and Setting to Work Tasks
  • Qualification Tests