The operation and support of the Ground Based Telemetry System (GBT), and the Airborne Telemetry System (ABT) which is collectively referred to as the Telemetry System (TMS).

The Airborne Telemetry System (ABT) covers the planning, preparation, installation, testing, upgrading and support of the airborne data acquisition and telemetering equipment on-board aircraft.

The Ground Based Telemetry System (GBT) covers the planning, preparation, upgrading, operation, data acquisition and processing and support of the ground telemetry equipment, in order to represent engineering unit data for real-time and post flight monitoring and thereafter provide the data for analysis by flight test engineers.

The following services are provided:

Support Services


  • Collection of flight data according to flight test type.
  • Operation of Telemetry System.
  • Implementation of safety during Flight Tests.
  • Operate the Transmission and Reception systems.
  • Perform antenna tracking and gathering the relevant data through the receiver systems.
  • Perform fault finding and fault isolation on equipment used.
  • Record data and processing of the relevant data.
  • Capturing of FRACAS data.
  • Administrate the Telemetry Network.
  • Analog and digital electronic support

Corrective Maintenance


  • Repair of Telemetry components
  • Repair of computer hardware and upgrade of software